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Web Diary February 2017



The  Munitions Group continues to identify and collate details of former employees at Rotherwas during both World Wars and to date have identified, from a number of sources, in excess of  3,400  individuals who are believed to have been employed at the factory during the relevant time. Whilst this represents only a relatively small percentage of the number actually employed the Group continues to explore other possible sources of information.

The Group continues to encourage relatives, friends and associates to provide details of former employees at the Rotherwas factory. A proforma is attached to this website to facilitate such reporting. Posters have been circulated to village halls within Herefordshire and the surrounding area,  together with articles published in local newspapers.


The Rotherwas Munitions Group is working closely with the Herefordshire County Council and the Skylon Enterprise Board in determining methods of celebrating the role munitions workers undertook in supporting the war effort . 

These photos  are of a spoon which was brought in by a lady visitor to our display at the Valuation Day, held at the Shire Hall, Hereford, in 2016 .It bears an inscription of the R.O.F, but any more than that is a bit of a mystery. It was found in a field in Herefordshire using a metal detector.

A letter to a worker, injured in 1942, offering compensation for a injury sustained at the factory


The R.O.F Group's display

Reproduction of a photo of the shell store being built

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