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Preservation of the Royal Ordnance Factory,

Rotherwas, Hereford



Some 12000 men and women worked at the Royal Ordnance Munitions Factory at Rotherwas in Herefordshire during both World Wars. Their role was vital to the war effort in producing munitions for use on land, sea and in the air. Only now is their critical role being fully recognised A Memorial has been erected on the original site at Rotherwas to commemorate these men and women but unfortunately the names actually listed on the Memorial represent only a small percentage of the total work force. Efforts are being made to obtain a definitive list of all personnel who were employed at the factory with a view to honouring their efforts by means of a display within a Heritage Centre currently being considered for development on part of the original site at Rotherwas. If you know of anyone who served at Rotherwas during either of the World Wars please contact The Munitions Group providing the person’s name(including maiden name where appropriate) together with the address at the time of employment if known.

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) have confirmed that they hold records of former munitions employees for both World Wars, which they intend to donate to a Museum. A decision in this regard is yet to be made. Discovery of these records is a major breakthrough by the Rotherwas Munitions Group. 


If you were employed at the Factory or are a relative of such a person and have knowledge of the details of their employment, please let the Rotherwas Munitions Group Know. This can be achieved via the e-mail address on the "Contact us" page.

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